Saturday, January 31, 2009

Check it out!!

One of the gifts I got for my birthday was the Fireproof DVD. I loved the movie in the theater and I was so excited for it to come out on DVD. I watched it last night with a few friends, two of them had never seen it before. It was great!!

We also watched the special features. It was very cool to see the cast members behind the scenes. I love that they worked together and prayed together. We laughed so hard at a few of the special features. I can't even tell you how funny it was. I totally recommend them. My favorites were Fireproof in 60 seconds and the part where they mimic a scene from Facing the Giants. SO funny! We were laughing so hard.

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LEN said...

When the movie first came out my wife told me about it. So my wife and I went to see the movie. The movie is very encourageing to me as a husband. I think the whole movie was good, But to me the best part was when kyle was talking to his father as he was leaning against the cross saying how many times does she have to reject me. the Lord spoke to me at this point and said as many as you reject me. That was me prior to 4 years ago, but now God has restored our marriage. God Bless